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UK consumers continue to demand more from eCommerce delivery

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UK consumers continue to demand more from eCommerce delivery

The importance of flexible delivery to UK eCommerce is continuing to grow according to new statistics released this month. A staggering 53% of consumers now expect the estimated delivery time of eCommerce goods to be precise within three hours or less, with almost 100% expecting to receive their order within one week.

Carried out by Ipsos Research on behalf of multinational conglomerate Honeywell, these new findings underline the need for online retailers to cater for the busy lives of consumers. With almost half of those surveyed having abandoned their baskets due to poor delivery options, eCommerce businesses can no longer afford to offer basic delivery means to customers.

Why it’s time for eCommerce sites to move away from basic parcel delivery

Speaking to the Retail Times, Honeywell’s Transport and Logistics Director Jeff Taylor, called for online retailers to “keep up with the fast paced lives of their consumers. From the warehouse to delivery to post-sale satisfaction, both retailers and couriers have to work closely together to ensure a swift delivery and a positive shopping experience.”
Although many of the UK’s courier and delivery services are now adding more flexibility to their range of services, for many consumers this isn’t enough – with over half (57%) of those questioned declaring that current delivery options are unsatisfactory.

eCommerce parcel delivery: a two-way street

Adapting to a demanding British public is a challenge for all involved in the eCommerce process. While developing more efficient parcel delivery means and shipping logistics lies with the couriers, integrating this technology requires real cooperation from online retailers.
Speaking within the same Retail Times piece, Hermes Europe and UK CIO Mike Leyland underlined the need for firms to adapt to advances in shipping software and logistics: “Firms need to be able to keep up with the 24/7 convenience of the online model or risk losing business to those that do.” He added: “This is why innovative technology is going to play an even bigger role in the future of eCommerce.”
So as we gear up for an important second quarter of the year, the message to eCommerce sites is clear: don’t underestimate the importance of flexible delivery. The consequences on growth could potentially be very damaging indeed.

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Simon Wright

As SEO and Content Marketing Manager at the Whistl Group, Simon has over 10 years' experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and as a result, offers a unique perspective on the pre- and post-checkout delivery experiences. Simon writes regularly for both the Parcelhub and Whistl blogs and is passionate about helping retailers make delivery their competitive advantage.

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