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SMART Notifications platform

Save time, money and increase your seller ratings with our unprecedented carrier-specific SMART Notifications; increase the success rate of your shipments by identifying delivery issues such as bad addresses, refused parcels and return to sender incidents and pushing this data to our team and the carrier partner. This not only enhances carrier performance, it strengthens your performance as a merchant.

The Parcelhub SMART platform allows Parcelhub customer services to proactively monitor your parcels.

At Parcelhub we are dedicated to enhancing your customers’ delivery experience. Our in-house delivery management team take tracking-related queries away from your customer services team, while our ticketing platform provides merchants with full transparency of how we are dealing with your tracking queries, increasing the likelihood of you receiving positive feedback across your sales channels.


SMART Notification software has been developed in house, in response to customer feedback and demand. It analyses delivery data and identifies non-deliveries and exceptions, allowing them to be monitored and action taken as required.


Because it works as an add-on to existing Parcelhub systems, it doesn’t have the same restrictions as other similar software, meaning it can be used by any merchant, across multiple carriers.

Ecommerce parcel tracking

From Parcelhub case study, and customer Andrew Steel, Founder of Buydirect4u and Head of eCommerce:


Parcelhub’s eCommerce customer service team proactively deals with over 1,600 tickets raised automatically via its SMART platform each month. Tickets are raised into the department based on a set of rules configured across all carriers and services on behalf of Buydirect4u including some carriers not directly contracted by Parcelhub. The system is configured to raise an automated ticket based on a set of rules after a certain scan event or a series of scans indicate there may be a problem with the delivery.


Andrew Steel added: “As our business grew we liked the idea of having just one system to monitor and track parcels. Parcelhub provided their software to manage multiple portals to enable this to happen and streamline our customer services operation.” – Read more

How SMART Notifications works for different carriers:


  • Each carrier has different tracking patterns and scanning events
  • Each service within a carrier has different patterns
  • Parcelhub has taken each service by carrier and uniquely mapped them against a ‘Type’ and a ‘Sub Type’, which allows the Parcelhub customer services team to identify and proactively pick up not only problem scans but also sequences of scan events that may result in a parcel being returned
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Package tracking platform UK

Key benefits of SMART:


  • The Parcelhub SMART platform allows Parcelhub customer services to proactively monitor your parcels
  • Increases success rate of shipments
  • Helps avoid Return to Sender incidents
  • Reduces tracking queries to customer services
  • SMART interceptions can be tailored to your business’s needs
  • Increases seller ratings, NPS, customer feedback and carrier experience
  • Saves you time, money and resources

Complemented by other Parcelhub benefits:


  • Access to ‘pooled volume’ discounted rates from a carefully selected range of carrier partners
  • Full use of supplemental features, including address book, pick and pack, manifests and cloned labels
  • Label reprinting
  • Advanced Customer Service support
  • Recipient email and text notifications
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Four reasons why you should send your parcels with Parcelhub:

Business Shipping Rates UK
‘Pooled volume’ discounted rates from UK and international carriers

As of February 2016, Parcelhub is shipping in excess of 500,000 parcels per month, on behalf of hundreds of retailers, wholesalers and high street brands.

Carrier Management Software UK
Free multi-carrier parcel shipping management software

Our free carrier management software seamlessly integrates with your current platform, granting you access to discounted rates from our carrier partners.

Multiple Carriers Global Tracking
Choose from a diverse range of parcel shipping providers

Parcelhub advises you on volume shipping best practices, enabling you to choose the most appropriate carriers to suit your product range or business model.

eCommerce Customer Support Software
UK-based eCommerce customer support and SMART solutions

Once you send a parcel out the door and it hits the carrier’s network, Parcelhub’s groundbreaking eCommerce support team deals with queries on your behalf – as you.

Bespoke multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions

Parcelhub is a flexible and scalable eCommerce and wholesale parcel shipping solution, that integrates seamlessly with your OMS/WMS. Multi-channel eCommerce platforms are easily integrated and dedicated pro-active parcel management comes as standard.